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Stuck In Paradise
If you are in paradise, how can you be stuck? As a practical and geographical abstraction of paradise in our world, Dr. Amos Raviv chose three archipelagoes in the Pacific, which he named the Triangle of Paradise: Samoa, Tonga and Fiji. Three different islands, on each one of which a person can find their own private paradise. So how can one really attach the word “stuck” when referring to paradise? Stuck in Paradise is about people Amos and his wife Anat met while sailing around the world on a catamaran. These people—rich and poor, happy and sad, foreigners and locals—despite living physically in the paradise of the Pacific, are often deprived of joy and pleasure.

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Transformation Mindset
From any change, there are winners and losers – which will you choose to be? Many of us were already struggling with the accelerating speed of change driven by exponential technologies, increasing competition, ever increasing complexity of regulations and compliance, and the rising expectations of society – and then 2020 made it really complicated. 2020 is a perfect storm of creative destruction. It is a time when many companies will cease to exist, and many people will lose their old jobs. But it is also a time, when many new businesses and jobs will be created, and some existing companies will adapt and grow even faster than before.

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