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Steamy Romance

Hot Pursuit
Evie Baker hasn’t seen Matt Girard in ten years. Not since the night she gave him her virginity. Now the Black Ops soldier is back in town and looking to make things right. Too bad she doesn’t believe a word he says. But when her sister goes missing and Evie’s suddenly a suspect in a murder, Matt’s the only man she can trust to keep her safe. Matt knew Evie wanted forever ten years ago, but all he wanted was escape. He’s older and wiser now, and he knows what matters. He’ll do whatever it takes – break any rules necessary – to protect Evie and find her sister.

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Cutie Pi
Trini Martinez never thought of herself as flaky. No matter the radius of the problem, she could be counted on to solve and understand it. But when tentacles burst out of the newest Post-Doc to join the lab, and she finds herself pulled into an intergalactic game of tug she begins to question her sanity. At least Nolan is there to rescue her. Friendly and charming, on top of being the hottest guy in a lab coat, he’d worked at her side for the past year. Trini assumed Nolan had no interest in her beyond their cancer research. Boy did she get that one wrong.

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Danish real estate scion, Soren Lund, has never been a risk-taker. MBA school was simply the next step on his path as heir apparent. When he gets into the best business school in Europe, he goes, despite the fact that it’s in passionate, unpredictable Barcelona. All is going according to plan – until a fiery Californian shoots into his life like a comet, knocking him off course. Spitfire Angela Holguín lives her life amassing stories for her future rocking chair days. When the opportunity to be an exchange student for a semester in exciting Barcelona comes around, she jumps at the chance. Her goal: a grand romance. She sets her sights on the brooding Dane, but Mr. Buttoned-Up misses his chance when a dashing Scot swoops in.

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My Brother’s Best Friend
I’d rather be anywhere but in a room with him. But for Doug, I’ll do just about anything, Even if that means interviewing the new mayor, And helping him with the annual Fourth of July celebration. Long hours of working together make me see Gavin in a new light, And soon I’m questioning everything I’ve ever thought about him. Is it that I really can’t stand him? Or can I not stand how he makes me feel when I’m around him?

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