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The Dead Hand
La Manita Muerta The Dead Hand is a compilation of short stories that allow the reader to become acquainted with the lives of their characters under the dictatorship regime in Chile after the military overthrew the elected democratic government in 1973, and their attempt to continue with their daily routines despite and in face of all the existential dangers and violations of basic individual rights. The stories evolve around the life of David Silberman, who was the prominent manager of a mining operation in the north of the country and a socialist political activist, who was kidnapped by the military after the government was overthrown.

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The Coffee Shop Interview
Transform Your Business Relationships Through Great Conversation Learn how to build authentic relationships by finding out as much as you can about the other person in a way that leaves them understood and affirmed. Sounds simple, right? With practice it is easy, but the energy and approach you bring to the conversation are essential. Learn The Six Principles of Putting Genuine Emphasis On Others In The Coffee Shop Interview, we discuss how to create a safe space for your conversation, how to prepare, how to set the right tone. After the interview, you’ll be able to determine if what you’re offering is a perfect fit for them.

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