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Salem, Massachusetts is having problems, and high school student Jessica Palmer’s life is about to become strange beyond belief. Those cops frightened to death in the cemetery? Yes, they really were. When a young, good-looking demon-hunting witch Chad Hollingsworth comes into town to help stop the problems, he has to ask Jessica’s mom and grandmother for help. The challenge? Her mom wants nothing to do with her family legacy, and her grandmother’s reputation as a looney old witch who talks to cats …

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Never Dead
Ex-burlesque dancer and aspiring author Tamara Garvey just had her world turned upside down. Her best friend died and leaves her as guardian to a teenager. Now, not only is Tamara struggling with her new role but she is also charged with caring for the family home, the Ridaught Plantation known by the locals as the Dead House. To her surprise, the place is already occupied by an angsty ghost named Joey who has a penchant for wearing her clothes and a fascination for paranormal movies and television shows. Tamara and Joey develop an unexpected friendship but questions remain about how and when he got there.

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Kidnapped by the Wolves
I thought being turned into a vampire against my will was the worst thing that could happen to me. But I was wrong. I am condemned to a life I dread.
A life I don’t want. It has led me to a sleepy town in the mountains. A place where I want to start fresh. Little do I know, my fate awaits me here. It’s where I meet them. Two wolf shifters.

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US UK and CA

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