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SciFi and Fantasy

Huntress Found
Evryn’s got mad skills at playing hide and seek. She can find lost children, hack the most secure databases, pretty much anything. Except for the one thing she desires most: the knowledge of who her parents are, why they abandoned her, and what her special talent means about who and what she really is. So, when a guy named Seeker appears quite literally out of nowhere, claiming to know about her past and offering her a job, Evryn can’t say yes fast enough. Even if it does mean following him to another realm. As in, mind-blowingly, not Earth. Apparently she’s part of an elite clan of Hunters descending from Artemis who can find just about anything in all of time and space. As the last of Artemis’ direct lineage, Evryn is her clan’s best shot at finding a lost city before rival clans do.

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The Prophet of Panamindorah, Complete Trilogy
Corry showed up at the orphanage two years ago, wearing strange clothes and speaking a language no one recognized. Corry can remember snippets of another life, but no matter how hard he tries to recall the details, it just keeps slipping away. Then one day, he meets a fauness in an orange grove. She’s from a world called Panamindorah, and he can understand her language. In addition, Corry can read a language that no one in Panamindorah has been able to read for three hundred years. Has he really been gone that long? Now he must recover his lost memories and rebuild his life, because the person who tried to kill him once is about to try again.

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Shards Of A Shattered Soul
Hero or traitor? Savior or conqueror? Unfortunately, history is written by the victor, and Vera Sandrinas lost everything at King’s Court. Victory had been within her grasp, until the dragons descended. As her battle brothers were slaughtered, Vera stared into the gaping maw of a red dragon and saw her death coming. As the Dragon’s fire descended, she pleaded with the Allfather for her life, and her prayers were answered. But when the flames cleared, she was alone, and trapped deep behind enemy lines. Throwing herself on the mercy of the temple, she went into hiding. With a new king on the throne, her past would see her executed for treason.

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