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All Things Considered
An insomniac with a long history of sleepwalking, night terrors, and other sleep disorders, Ryn’s dodging a life-changing decision. Should she leave her iconic rock-star lover? Are his fame and money worth his mood swings? After a particularly explosive argument, she goes to bed. He follows. The argument escalates. Exhausted, she goes to the guest bedroom. She pops a sleeping pill. One melatonin, she rationalizes, determined to think more clearly. Technically, a hormone. Not a drug.

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Through Rose-Colored Glasses
Fans of rock star Stone Wall call Ryn a whore–in a class of her own–for staying with the abusive music legend. Hey, the prime suspect in his murder, she inherited his $250-million-dollar estate. So what if Ryn uses the money to run Esperanza House–a place of hope and renewal? So what if thirteen ex-prostitutes live there with their kids mastering computer skills to stay off the street? So what if a hundred percent of the women are working the program with great success? Once a ho, always a ho.

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