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The Mirror Box
Elite dominatrix Eve Selway hatches a hazardous but potentially life-changing plan to steal a fortune from a gun-runner client. Fleeing his hotel room Eve is abducted and drugged and wakes to find she is being held prisoner by a faceless government agency with a sinister agenda: she will be killed if she refuses to impersonate the dead twin sister she never knew she had… Pretending to play along, Eve assumes the identity of the murdered woman, a contract killer on the payroll of the state, and uncovers a truth more disturbing than she could have ever imagined, leaving her unsure of who or what she is, and if any of her memories can be trusted.

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Fairfax & Glew
Fairfax is a roughneck black sheep. Glew is a private investigator with too much time on his hands. Together they bust up thieves in these five tales. Axe Kick- Fairfax and Glew are stuck in a snow storm but they find that crime doesn’t shut down because of the weather. Credit- An old friend is leaving the area and baiting thieves for Fairfax and Glew to play with.

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US UK and CA

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