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SciFi and Fantasy

The Brotherhood of Merlin Boxset
A fabled magician. A legacy of protection. Will he be the last to serve? A four-book set brimming with guns, grenades, swords… And Arthurian legends- all for an unbelieving low price of $0.99! The Merlin wields his staff and pistol for the glory of the Round Table. So when tyrants and raiding barbarians invade, he doesn’t hesitate to lead his powerful knights into a savage battle. But beyond the combat, a terrible darkness rises that could end the legendary sorcerer forever…

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US UK and CA

The Protectorate Wars
It’s an uncertain time in the Fertile Plains. Sixty cycles have passed since Alönia won The Protectorate War, but time and conflict have eroded the security gained through that great struggle. As Alönia wades through internal squabbling, David rises above his tragic childhood and earns a place as an aide to a powerful politician. Only time will tell if he can overcome petty disputes and uncover a hidden enemy before everyone he knows is dead.

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US UK and CA

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