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Ring of Truth
Erin’s job as a marketing executive with the billion-dollar Silver Script Ad Agency has been her life for years. When she finally lands the coveted Smithson Jewelers account, she knows she has finally arrived. Now if her mom would just accept the fact that marriage isn’t going to be happening any time soon. Jake wants nothing more than to hit it big as an actor in New York City, but when he gets his chance at a big-time role in a jewelry commercial, it’s overshadowed by the fact that his wedding-hungry parents are coming into town.

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The Plus One Rescue
With a heroic-sounding name like his, Axel Hammerstone naturally made all the “most likely to succeed” lists in his high school yearbook. So it comes as no surprise to his friends when their favorite defensive tackle player returns from Afghanistan with a Purple Heart for wounds sustained while saving a bunch of fellow soldiers during an ambush. He’s the only one who blames himself for the one man he failed to rescue during the ensuing explosion. Despite his own injuries, he’s determined to atone for the loss of his best friend and battle buddy by devoting the rest of his career to search and rescue operations.

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US UK and CA

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