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I Know What You Saw
First, there were hedgehogs. Then there was a murder. And now, Maggie Kelburn is on the run from a killer. Maggie Kelburn is an ordinary woman who lives on an ordinary street. A quiet street where nothing unremarkable happens. Until a neighbour is murdered. Maggie doesn’t know she captured the murder on video until a surveillance expert, Sam Ward, shows her the footage. Together, they take the recording to the police.But the recording device is stolen from the police station. And a short while later, Maggie’s home is invaded. A chilling message is left for her: I know what you saw

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The Parent Trapper
Murdered parents. A nursery rhyme. A witch. A killer that connects them all. A serial killer is terrorizing New York, and his sights are set on happy families. Killing both parents in the most brutal way imaginable, he mysteriously lets the children live. The only clues at the scene is the bloody carnage left behind, and a nursery rhyme as a clue. Each set of murders revealing another verse taped to the fridge.

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