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Hat Dance
Emilia’s new lieutenant is a drunk. Her partner vowed to never work with a woman. And . . . her romantic dinner with new boyfriend Kurt Rucker abruptly ends when the restaurant blows up. An arsonist is on the loose in Acapulco, targeting the high-end restaurants that support the city’s all-important tourism industry. When the popular mayor barely escapes a fiery death, Acapulco’s citizens take to the streets in protest. As the city burns and her personal problems mount, Emilia hunts for the firebug but finds enemies instead. A crooked Vice cop delivers a deadly threat. A woman in prison knows more than she’ll tell.

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The Lost Tomb
Head of an elite anti-terrorist unit, Major Noah Blakeley is hunting for the clandestine organization he believes to be at the center of a spate of seemingly random acts of terror. When his ex-wife is killed while on an archaeological expedition to Mongolia, closely followed by an attempt on his life, Noah finds himself hurled into a world where the lines between historical research and present-day terrorism are blurred. To discover the answers, Noah must trace his wife’s final footsteps and beyond.

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