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Marry Me At Dawn
To Damian Vaughn, image is everything. As CEO of the family business and heir to a fortune, he lives his life above reproach, not wanting to repeat his father’s mistakes that almost brought the company to ruin. Gabriela Romano has discovered she’ll never be able to bear children. Distraught and still recovering from surgery, she leaves for an extended vacation in the Azores Islands, far away from her family’s prying eyes and the constant reminders of what she’ll never have.

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Not the Bodyguard’s Boss
Hastings Security’s top female bodyguard, Deidre Ross is as dangerous as she is beautiful. When a blind date pairs Deidre with Liam Dermot, a chauvinistic bodyguard from a competing firm, she lets him know she’ll topple his false assumptions. Dermot Security has a problem. With their only female bodyguard injured, Liam contracts with Hastings to hire their best female guard for a sensitive job. The client’s safety only reason Liam and Diedre agree to work together.

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