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Million Dollar Staircase
It’s the latest offensive in a case of municipal bullying that’s busted many a bank account and broken many a heart—something that sounds so boring you could doze off just reading the words: Eminent Domain. But it’s anything but boring when it enters your life as the legal justification for waltzing in and power-grabbing your property– business, buildings, and all. It’s just happened to Will’s very good friend Sandy, who’s worked like a demon to build her marina business and now learned the city’s claiming it– at a fraction of its value –for a big development that just about every fat cat in town has invested in. Sandy’s fighting the play like a hellcat and knows all too well that the murdered man on her boat is someone just like her—a pawn who got in the way. Anyone could have done it. Everyone’s out to get her.

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Missing in Mystic Grove
It’s Thanksgiving Week at the Bean Family Bed and Breakfast. Liz Bean is looking forward to helping her family prepare a Thanksgiving dinner and celebration for their B&B guests. Two months earlier, a traumatic event prompted Liz to leave her job as a field translator with Worldhead Global Security in Virginia and return home to Mystic Grove. After four years of hiding what she really did in the Covert Services Group at Worldhead, Liz is relieved to be home. She looks forward to a peaceful and enjoyable holiday.

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