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Feels Like Home
Town doctor Jude Southerland is known for two things: saving lives and ducking marriage. So when he almost runs Autumn down in the middle of Main Street and ends up sipping sweet tea with the prodigal daughter a few weeks later, the good townsfolk take notice. As far as Jude’s concerned, the last woman anyone would pair him with is the only one he wants. No one knew what it cost her to come home.

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Love Me in Paris
My friends back in New York City think I’m crazy—quitting my prosperous law firm and taking a year off to roam the bars of Paris, picking up strangers. After what happened, how could I have stayed? I’m shaken, numb, and the last thing I need is human connection. In between mindless hookups, I just want to be alone. Or so I thought. Until I met Sophia Paige.

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The Watch on the Fencepost
In a deserted park on a cold winter day, 27-year-old Kathryn Frasier is training for a marathon when she discovers a gold watch on a fencepost. Sensing that it was deliberately left for her to find, she sets out to solve the mystery behind the watch, but her orderly life is turned upside-down when it leads her to a dark family secret and a suspicion that her parents’ recent deaths may not have been an accident.

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