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After a lifetime of political disillusionment, Mia Rhodes created an alternative to the two-party system: Ameritocracy. Part American Idol, part Iowa Caucus, her online political competition will find the most popular independent candidate in America and give them a genuine shot to win the presidency. Anyone can run… The American people vote online… The winner receives instant fame and a campaign warchest to battle the Democrats and Republicans in 2020. But her project flounders until Mia catches the eye of eccentric tech billionaire Peter Colton. With Mia’s vision and Peter’s money, Ameritocracy ascends from punchline to possibility.

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Grey Daze
If you like hard-boiled characters like Bosch or Reacher, wait until you meet Lance Underphal. A flawed police consultant, he’s no Sherlock Holmes, and he’s been kicked around plenty. Cursed, his only hope for redemption is the voice in his head, the voice of his dead wife. You can’t keep a good man down, or can you? A refugee from the 60’s, bankrupted in the great recession, he’s seen more than his share of bad luck and trouble. Plagued with strange visions while trying to help a friend, he stumbles onto the grim secrets of a serial killer.

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