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Intrigue and a Bottle of Merlot
If Karen was good at anything, it was writing men off. She was happily unattached until Mia introduced her to Mario last summer at lunch. Mario was six years younger, and far from Karen’s type. Yet, this long haired, sexy, stranger left her intrigued. Having a man again could be a good thing, now that her single girlfriends were dropping off faster than flies bombed with insect repellent. Karen was eventually hired to help run Mario’s business, and that’s when the flirting began. The intrigue remained, but that invisible line had never been crossed. Maybe it was time to step up her game.

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Do Marry Your Billionaire Boss
A reclusive billionaire; a feisty woman who unmasks celebrities. Can they learn to love or will she forever damage his trust? Jade Jardine has been anxious to meet Joshua Jewel and see if the celebrity who hides his face from the world is incredible or insane. When someone claims she embezzled from Joshua’s company will she find a hero and man she’s been hoping for, or a wealthy jerk who only cares about his bottom line?

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