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Tampa homicide lieutenant Carl Kane has led up grisly crime scenes before, but this one is different—it’s identical to the remains left thirty years prior by a man who had whipped the city into chaos. But Jack Redding, or as the media called him, The Quilter, had been put to death in the nineties. These murders are the doing of a copycat—someone with inside knowledge of the original crimes. As the bodies pile up, the motivation for the killings and the connection shared by the victims become clear.

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Russian Mojito
Detective Emilia Cruz is back in Acapulco after surviving a deadly cartel ambush, only to witness a brutal home invasion when kidnappers snatch her penniless stepfather. The ransom demand is astronomical and Emilia’s family has little hope of seeing him alive again. Could it be a case of mistaken identity? At the same time, a Russian is murdered by a cold-blooded killer in the luxury hotel managed by Emilia’s boyfriend, Kurt Rucker. A random robbery gone wrong? Or an assassination? When more Russians are killed, Emilia discovers a strange connection between the homicides and fuel thieves robbing Mexico’s underground gas pipelines.

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