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Steamy Romance

Smolder Road
The world as we know it is over. My law degree: useless. My eye for fashion: wasted. But I can still tell when a man wants me. Roan Winters is gorgeous, haunted, and perfect for me… if only he’d admit it.

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Patrick Moss was one of us. More importantly, he was mine. Until he became famous. He traded our love in for his career, and it paid off. So how can I blame him? Me, I live to work. I’m the resident costume designer at Driven Dance Theater, and I have everything I need: dancers who need me, a steady supply of Americanos, and a healthy obsession with designer clothes.
Who needs love? I have a reputation to uphold.

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Mated Enemies
He’s my enemy, it has been this way since the bond of the ancients and yet, ever since the first moment I saw him, I’ve wanted him in the most primal way. One look at him and my womb contracted as my body secreted its juices as if preparing to mate. Thousands of years ago a vampire-fairy mating went very wrong, ending in the death of one and the permanent insanity of another, causing a rift between the two clans that has lasted until this day.

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