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Other People’s Skeletons
Rebecca’s shocked when Chris Nicholson, her glamorous law partner, is arrested for murder–but not nearly so shocked as when she discovers Chris can’t come up with an alibi. What she was doing, Chris says, involves a secret so damaging she’d be drummed out of San Francisco legal circles if anyone knew. All she’ll say is what her secret isn’t–crime, drugs, sex, alcohol, addiction, illness (mental or otherwise), or an eating disorder. So what’s left? Sure enough, when Rebecca uncovers it, her world tilts on its axis—and continues to list, ever more dangerously, as the story picks up speed and this formerly rational lawyer (and, ok, amateur detective) finds her worldview threatened by things she never knew existed.

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Picture, Perfect, Corpse
When Detweiler’s estranged wife is found shot to death with bullets from his revolver, the proud papa-to-be finds himself up the creek without a lawyer. The dead woman’s family immediately points the finger at their ex son-in-law. An exhausted Kiki does all she can to be supportive. After all, the dead woman was a drug addict! Then the Detweiler family makes a request that Kiki can’t honor without breaking a promise, a solemn oath to her daughter. And she won’t do that. No way.

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