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Finding Southern Comfort
Harper Kirkpatrick is not what Cameron Bennett expects for the bachelor party in his Savannah mansion. She’s desperate when he sends her home in her cat costume. Jobs are scarce and eviction looms. Former boyfriend Billy took off for California and she’s too proud to head home to Chicago. Although Cameron may not go for her cheerleader kicks, he does admire Harper’s spunk. When she answers his ad for a nanny, she’s horrified to find herself back at his mansion. But she can’t turn down the generous salary or Bella, the toddler with troubled eyes and an eating problem. Youngest in the Kirkpatrick clan, Harper’s not an expert on kids. Neither is the young widower.

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The Handfasting
In the summer of nineteen-sixty-seven, Katherine and Steven were going in different directions, enrolling in different schools, traveling to different countries. But, before they parted, they knelt in the ruins of an old abbey church. Joining hands and pledging their love, they were handfasted, married in the ancient Scottish tradition.

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Soldier Under the Mistletoe
One night. Make it count. Mallory Trudeau can manage a five hundred acre ranch. She just can’t seem to break out of the Friend Zone with Sam “Maverick” Dunlop. She knows he thinks of her as Cash’s little sister, but that’s going to change tonight. It’s just one night. Evade and retreat. The fancy-schmancy Christmas Ball is one in a long string of reminders that Maverick doesn’t belong in Mallory’s world. He’s got thirty-six hours to report back to his military base. He can make it that long without giving in to the forbidden attraction he feels for Mallory.

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