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Steamy Romance

The Billionaire Deal
No one puts CEO Jack Sutton in a corner, not even his mother… or her will. If he wants his inheritance, he needs to be married, but no one said the marriage had to be anything other than a business arrangement. There are plenty of willing women, and they’ll play by the rules: stick to the script and don’t fall in love. He only has to find one in time. Too bad he only left himself a few hours.

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Shameless Affair
With the weight of my past hanging on my shoulders, the last thing I need is a relationship. I’ve been down that road, seen what it has to offer, and I’m not going back. Until Sunni Washington. Her return home is not what I expected. She’s tapping into feelings I never explored before. Feelings that will challenge the bond I have with my mentor and the respect I have for Sunni. It’s becoming harder to ignore the temptation of a love that’s so taboo. The love I feel is real, but is it enough to navigate the tumultuous waters ahead?

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Country Gold
A scandal ended the careers of the Wilder Sisters, the chart topping country rock band. But Lexi Wilder is okay with that, thanks for asking. She’s been on the road since roughly forever, so she’s going to enjoy the break. After all, there’s nothing quite like the beautiful sandy beaches of Monterey Bay to soothe a woman’s soul. Luke Wyatt never wanted to trade fame and fortune for the only woman he’s ever loved. Now that he’s finished a punishing year-long national tour he’s headed back to his hometown of Whistle Cove for the quiet, the beaches, the inspiration, and the girl. Not necessarily in that order. Nashville wants more country gold like the #1 song he co-wrote with Lexi. Luke is looking for peace and Lexi.

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