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I met him at the end of my sword. Not the most romantic of introductions but it suited us. We’re both warriors; he’s a lord of the Wild Hunt of Fairy, and I’m an extinguisher—a psychic soldier trained from birth to protect our world from his kind. Attraction arced between us like lightning. I saw it in his eyes; watched them shift from frigid silver to molten metal. Despite all of that, I knew it could go nowhere. Fairies killed my mother and her death nearly destroyed my father. Then there’s the fact that extinguishers don’t date outside our society. A human would be bad enough, but a fairy? That’s not just frowned upon, it’s forbidden.

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Sweet Murder
In Madeline’s hometown of Chicago on June 1891, life is brimming with new industry. The amateur sleuth has recently arrived home after a trip abroad and brought with her two favorite friends. They plan to enjoy a summer of doing nothing but taking in the sights of the city until the ladies volunteer for a Chicago first. The city has its first ambulance service. The ladies urge Madeline to attend one of their sessions to meet with someone who claims all manner of mysterious things are happening in the nearby park where the ambulance service frequently stops due to young children’s minor injuries while playing. The man wonders if the unwanted activity might be attributed to the Valley Gang.

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