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SciFi and Fantasy

The first time Maddy accidentally killed someone, she passed it off as a freak accident. The second time, a coincidence. But when she’s kidnapped and taken to an underground realm where corpses reanimate on their own, she can no longer ignore her dark gift. The first person she recognizes in this horrifying realm is her old social worker from the foster system, Sophie, but something’s not right. She hasn’t aged a day. And Sophie’s brother, Alaric, has fangs and moves with liquid feline grace.

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A Study in Spirits
Accused of vandalism and stealing test answers, Brigit must find the guilty party to stay at Leopold Otto University Worse, her Fairy Debt to a Doppelgänger, means she must discover the secret of what’s prowling the abbey library. The monster is destroying the books she dearly loves and Brigit is determined to stop it.

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