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There’s a leash wrapped around the dead woman’s wrist and no dog. Brandy finds the missing dog and more than she bargained for with flash drives sewn in the dog’s collar. Brandy learns the murdered woman’s ex-husband is connected to the sleepy little beach town in more ways than the dead body. The local Policewoman thinks Brandy could help if she agrees to go undercover.

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An Automated Murder
It’s Christmastime in Wallace Point—but that doesn’t mean the town’s getting a vacation from murder! Mr. Yamamoto’s Toy Shop is famous for its handcrafted wooden automata. Shingo Yamamoto is a modern day genius, crafting whimsical clockwork toys capable of a wide range of movements. But on the day of his toy shop’s grand reopening, things go from wondrous to murderous when one of Shingo’s automata kills a man in a locked room. Abigail and Grandma just so happen to be at the scene of the crime. They doubt that Shingo would commit such a heinous murder, not when he has a successful small business and a loving family to lose. But who else could have possibly crafted the murderous automaton, and why?

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