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Essential Oils for Beginners
Are you struggling with health problems like acne, anxiety, or allergies that just won’t go away? Have your efforts to cure your ailments with modern medicine made you more sick in the process? Author Mary Jones discovered the healing power of essential oils in her youth when searching for alternatives to pharmaceutical medicine. Now an essential oil expert, Jones shows you how these inexpensive and age-old remedies provide the power of self-healing.

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Silent Spring
While there are a lot of events in my life I will never forget, there is one day that stands out above most. In the end, I would lose most of my childhood friends and high school classmates in the boondoggle disaster! That day was September 30, 1966. It was the day I landed in Vietnam. The Vietnam War (1955–1975)—58,220 Killed—hundreds of thousands more died later from the pesticides they were exposed too during the war. Right about now you might be asking yourself why should the Vietnam War matter today?

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