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Exquisite Justice
Minneapolis defense attorney Marc Kadella was hoping for a bit of peace after a failed homicide attempt in the form of a hit-and-run. But it’s hard to keep the peace in the midst of a string of police brutality accusations leading to civil unrest. In his ninth courtroom drama and legal thriller, Kadella finds himself trapped in a web of racism and corruption—thanks to a drug ring orchestrated by a villain so manipulative even hard-nosed investigator Tony Carvelli’s stumped.

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The Silencer
CIA Black Ops agent John Smith is on his latest assignment in London. Little does he know–it’ll also be his last. Barely surviving an attack on his life, Smith lays low for six months until he returns to the United States. His flight is strangely diverted to Philadelphia where he meets a mysterious man who already knows about his past and recruits him for a job.

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Billy Houston Rags to Riches
At fourteen years of age, Billy Houston arrived in Santa Monica, California and embraced the land of opportunity with both hands. This is his story. From clandestine raffles with his schoolmates, to creating two of the most dynamic franchise businesses in history, Billy’s tale is one of triumphs and tribulations, interspersed with the wit and wisdom of a natural-born entrepreneur.

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