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Dev Haskell Box Set 15-19
Dev Haskell… A private investigator with a foot on both sides of the law. A back slapping, fun loving, ladies man, but best not to cross him. He’s not always right. He’s not going to save the world from terrorists. He won’t protect the stock market from international manipulators. Dev Haskell deals in day to day problems and situations that result from people making bad decisions. But then, bad decisions make for interesting tales…

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Spooks and Spells
Celestial Meadow owns and runs the candle, spice and herb shop in town and has quite the reputation to heal what ails you. Since she’s a witch, a little magic and the use of said items can drum up a quick remedy. But Celestial can’t save a victim from murder, even her own family. The deceased, Isabella wasn’t the most loved in town…heck, she was the most hated, which means the suspect list is long. Was Joyce jealous of the Isabella’s closeness to a certain warlock in town? Did her sister, Opal, decide she’d had enough of her witchy sister’s abuse? Or did the dark coven conclude that Isabella had too much power?

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