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The Complete Mystery Collection
Celebrated mystery author Michaela Thompson whisks readers away to many an exotic place—and time—with the kind of realism that stems from William Faulkner” (NYTimes) in this complete collection: featuring dazzling armchair gems that will delight both classic cozy mystery and international thriller fans. There’s psychological terror in India circa 1972, a moonshine-laced hurricane-fueled whodunit set in quaint Eisenhower era Florida, an American journalist sleuth in France, a burgling divorcee in San Francisco, and murderous revelry at Carnival in Venice. The common thread? Every one of these puzzling murder mysteries revolves around an irresistible female sleuth—each as unique as her own fingerprints.

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Treasure of Darkness
One moment of misguided generosity throws estate sale organizer Audrey Nealon’s life into turmoil. She loses a client’s money, cripples her budding romance, and witnesses a murder. Strapped for cash, she accepts a questionable project: clearing out the home of a mentally ill hoarder who may have hidden valuable Civil War letters. What really lies at the bottom of twenty years’ worth of collected buttons and antique dolls and stuffed owls and atlases?

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Scarlett Rose
After seventeen-year-old Scarlett’s mom and brother are killed, Scarlett gets stuck living alone with her stepdad–a man she can’t stand. Scarlett believes her life is cursed, and she is grateful that she at least has her best friend Ellie to lean on. But lately, even their friendship seems strained. Scarlett is desperate for her life to get better, when one night she meets a mysterious boy, and everything begins to change…

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