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Back to You
United States Marine Spencer Hawkins doesn’t do relationships. Not even with his best friend Ellie Burton, the girl who has always been there for him, even in his darkest hour. But now that high school is over and he’s in the military, he’s starting to look at life – and his best friend – in a whole new way. Ellie wants a stable life and a white picket fence. She definitely doesn’t want to get involved with Spencer, who has no interest in settling down. But how long is she supposed to ignore the way he looks in that uniform … or the way he’s starting to look at her?

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Love on the Line
A seemingly perfect quarterback. A designer with a celebrity crush. What happens when you stumble across something you were never supposed to find? Blaine Hollis, quarterback of the Tornadoes, appears to have everything together, but no one knows the secret he’s been hiding. He’s enamored by Kenzi when he meets her at the center, so he lets her into his life – something he rarely does. But when she finds out his darkest secret, will he open his heart or turn her away?

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