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Secrets at The Big House
This is a true story of descent from wealth and social standing. By necessity, it is also the story of my mother, a petite socialite of uncommon beauty, who subjected her children to unspeakable emotional and psychological terror. From the outside, my mother looked perfect. She grew up in wealth, attended an all-girls boarding school in Switzerland and completed her education at Rosslyn House, a finishing school for girls in Surrey, England. She exhibited great intelligence and managed to be the recipient of numerous academic awards. She mastered the French language as if it were her own, developing an exquisite sensibility to delicate, soft and soothing poetry that contrasted with her mercurial temper.

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Anger Management
If you have an anger problem, you aren’t alone. One in eight American adults struggle to handle their rage. Sadly, most of them never learn how to control their temper. Through educating yourself on how anger works and why some of us are especially prone to flying off the handle, it provides you an empowering blueprint for a happier, well-balanced life. Anyone with an anger management problem can use these principles to regain control over their moods.

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