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Enter the Witch
Some witches are born to their magic. And some of us fall face-first into it.
Evangeline Winther has just landed her dream job as a librarian in Whisper Grove, NC. The fact that she also discovered she’s the lost heir to a centuries-old coven of witches is not so dreamy. When her gifts make themselves known, Evangeline realizes her picturesque town isn’t what it seems. There are secrets buried here, but even the deepest secrets have a way of rising—especially when she can hear them whispering.

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New Witch on the Block
When FBI psychic Abby Scott breezes into the office claiming to be Jack’s former lover, Fio is understandably vexed, but there’s no time to play mind games with the arrogant agent. A ghostly girl appearing in a team photo has become a harbinger of disaster for members of the women’s basketball team at Jack and Abby’s snooty Brentwood alma mater. Fio and Abby bet who can solve the case first, and with Andy Russel and spirit animal Champ on hand Fio takes on the mystery, but can she outsmart Abby and keep the drop-dead gorgeous psychometrist from making the halls of Quest Realty her new haunt?

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