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When Murph disappears down in Palm Beach, it’s up to Marlin and Casey to head to Florida and team up with Lindsay to find him. They quickly discover that Casey and Murph’s past has come back to haunt them, and it has now put Lindsay and Marlin in danger, too. From Florida, to the Bahamas and Costa Rica, trouble is now on the loose and it’s going to follow them back to Virginia’s Eastern Shore. This is one fast paced, action packed adventure that will keep you turning pages from beginning to end!

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US UK and CA

All Patrick Flint wants is a peaceful getaway in the Wyoming mountains for his rare days off. He’s grown weary of the bicentennial celebrations, the angry families of patients, the rash of campers coming down from the mountains high on speed, and the midnight call-outs to cover for the town veterinarian. When his wife Susanne balks at the trip just as they’re walking out the door—leaving him to go it alone with his lovestruck teenage daughter Trish and eager-but-adolescent son Perry—Patrick is wounded but determined, despite the news of a murderer escaping custody on the other side of the mountains.

$0.99! Click Here!
US UK and CA

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