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Sandover Beach Memories
She never wanted to see him again. So why can’t Jenna escape Jackson Wells’ smirking–and frustratingly attractive–face? When she returns home to Sandover Island after her mother’s death, Jenna is at rock bottom. If there were a level lower than rock bottom, that’s where she is. Hope doesn’t exist down there. Neither does love.

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Not the Bodyguard’s Widow
A malfunctioning security alarm sends bodyguard Alex Hastings to Indiana to investigate on behalf of Hastings Security. Instead of an empty house, he finds a beautiful intruder bold enough to demand he leave. Kimberly Thompson has one goal in mind, stay alive. When the local midwife proposes a marriage of convenience between Kimberly and Alex, Kimberly wants to refuse, but she’ll do anything to save her baby. After all, it will only be for a few months before they can get a quiet annulment.

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