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Exposing Mega Churches and the Prosperity Gospel Scam
Nearly eight million people will die from starvation this year and 554,000 homeless Americans will sleep in cardboard boxes and eat out of garbage cans today, while Christian mega churches and ministries in America have enough money in their bank and investment accounts to feed all of these starving people three meals a day throughout the year, and to also house, feed, and provide medical care for every homeless person in America. Seven hundred children die from starvation every hour while prosperity preachers drive Rolls Royce automobiles, live in multi-million-dollar homes and fly in private jets.

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Speaking Things Into Existence
Little secrets that have prevented your words from coming to pass have been exposed in this book Imagine living in a world where everything you say comes to pass. Imagine asking the dead to rise and they rise instantly. Imagine asking sickness to go and it goes instantly. Imagine asking your business to flourish and it flourishes effortlessly Imagine asking your finances to improve and it improves.

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