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SciFi and Fantasy

Ghost Hunter I
Lonely paranormal investigator Malachi hunter yearns to find some direction and true happiness in his life. His world is rapidly changing- and not necessarily for the better. That is until he receives a fateful call which will once again put his eerie expertise into play. Fiercely independent single parent Teena Maunder is determined to handle anything which dares to cross her path. She is resolute and determined. However, when her home becomes the scene for a terrifying and baffling haunting, Teena appears to have met her match. Turning to Mal for help, the scene is set for a deadly paranormal onslaught.

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Bound by Blood
Nicole Austin has just inherited a curse. She is the next in line to become a badass vampire slayer. The problem is, she must drink some magical blood for the curse to take hold, and the side effects aren’t all pleasant. She was just beginning to develop a relationship with her neighbor, Max, who is also a sexy werewolf. However, what once drew her to him may now be reason enough to keep them apart. She can’t hunt one monster and consort with another, can she?

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US UK and CA

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