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Puppy Training the Simple Way
Are you struggling to keep your excitable puppy under control? Is your little doggy tearing up your lovely home? Do you worry you’ll never get the family’s lively new addition properly potty-trained? Born into a family of animal trainers, Brandon Harris has spent the last two decades teaching pooches and their owners. Now he’ll show you his easy-to-apply strategies for getting your young canine companion comfortable and submissive in just eleven weeks.

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Find Your Values, Find Yourself
We all have a set of values, things that we have at the very core of our beings and which we live our lives by. These values help to shape us and allow us to make better decisions, but many of us aren’t always completely aware of what our values are and tend to act on them instinctively. Just imagine how much more you could achieve if you could work out what they are. What focus and success could you find?

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