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Rogue Elements
After completing the biggest case of his career, private detective Hank DeShear returns home to start treatment for a disabling genetic condition that could end his life, but he learns his partner on the prior case has just been murdered. Was he wrong to conclude the secretive killer known as The Greyhound had declared a truce? Or have disciples of The Greyhound surfaced to carry on with the murders?

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Corporate Truth
Meet Justin Truth, a dangerous psychopath on a mission to climb the corporate ladder in New York City. Behind his charismatic smile and bespoke suits lurks a history of deceit, violence, and murder. As one of America’s most prolific serial killers, his evil hasn’t gone unnoticed. There are those who have seen through his well-constructed camouflage of lies but the more they uncover, the more dangerous he becomes. Are those seeking the truth ready to pay the ultimate price to bring him to justice?

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She has it…They want it, and they will do anything to get it. Crossing Zero is a compelling page-turner with ever-increasing suspense. Kelly Sanborn has something of extreme value, which competing forces will do anything to obtain. When Kelly’s eleven-year-old son’s life is in danger, the unimaginable happens…An unforgettable twist propels this thriller in a stunning new direction as it races toward an electrifying conclusion.

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