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Hunt For Redemption
At first, Tim Hunt believes seeing his former high school sweetheart in a bar is happenstance. He quickly learns she tracked him down to the Isle of Palms in South Carolina to tell him a secret she has kept hidden for eight years. She reveals giving birth to his child and putting the boy up for adoption. She has reason to believe the child is now in danger. She is on a mission to find him and she pleads for Tim’s help. From the Carolina coast to the mountains of Virginia, their journey takes them to a small town protecting a fringe group that mixes religion with seditious extremism.

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US UK and CA

Kill Them Quickly
Sullivan, a former legendary assassin and now a wandering drunk, gets so wasted he ends up falling asleep on the street. When an old man takes pity on Sullivan and takes him home to his farm, Sullivan experiences kindness he didn’t know existed, and he forms a bond stronger than he realises.

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US UK and CA

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