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Pivotal Decisions
On an early morning hike in a remote part of the Everglades, Sabine Guidry discovers her childhood friend sitting by one of the numerous canals common to the area. The only problem is… he’s dead. A note attached to his shirt declares him the first of many, unless she returns a piece of priceless technology. Her duties in Florida’s FWC demands facing all sorts of slithering and ravenous creatures, but the most dangerous by far are the two-footed varieties.

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Into Darkness
Two beautiful young women are found strangled, their bodies meticulously washed and groomed. The only thing they have in common – both worked as reporters for local TV stations. A coincidence? Or something more sinister? Rookie Special Agent Shannon Ames is assigned to the case and soon impresses with her brilliant intuition and startling ability to think outside the box. But as Shannon takes a more prominent role in the investigation, she finds herself drawn into a deadly dance with a master of deception, a serial killer whose victims all work in media – journalists, influencers, reporters.

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