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Nearly 1 in every 5 Americans deal with mental illness in a given year, and the rates are climbing. Among physicians, the rate is even higher as the time spent in medical training significantly increases the risk of poor mental health. None of us are fully immune from the ravages of mental health problems. This book is about the fallibility of us all, including the doctors who are supposed to care for us.

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Dare to Be Seen
Feel confident on screen so your message can be heard. Turn your performance anxiety into authentic power in ten easy steps. Learn how to deal with public speaking nerves and how to overcome screen anxiety from a clinical hypnotherapist, coach, singer-songwriter, and former sufferer who has turned her own fear around using the very methods she teaches. Combining clinical knowledge, coaching exercises, and transformational hypnotherapy, this practical step-by-step program will quiet the negative voices in your head that prevent you from standing out and take your speech, webinar, streaming event, online meeting or presentation to an entirely different level.

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