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Just One Step
Imagine walking backwards in your life so you can see where you’ve been and to know better where you’re headed. That’s what Jeff Nischwitz did as he hiked the El Camino trail in northern Spain – literally and figuratively –he walked backwards to the present on this 10-day hike covering over 200 miles. During Jeff’s hike, he experienced extreme pain in his feet and ankles. He tried walking slower and faster, leaning back and leaning over, and also running downhill – everything he tried increased the pain. Nothing worked. When he became desperate to reduce the pain, he did something RADICAL – he walked backwards on the Camino trail. Yes, he literally turned around, facing up the hill and walked down the hill backwards – and it worked!

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100% Answered Prayer
Prayer is not mysterious. It was not meant to be. Prayer is not man disturbing God. It is rather God disturbing man. Prayer is actually God calling man to come to Him. Prayer is abundance calling lack. Prayer is supply calling demand. Prayer is plenty calling few.

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