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SciFi and Fantasy

Zero Percenters
Would you sacrifice your humanity to live free from pain and suffering? Conservationist Anja Lapin always stood firm against her father’s profiteering. But in her wildest dreams, she never guessed his tech company would stumble on an algorithm enabling humans to digitize their bodies and secure artificial immortality. Before Anja can stage a protest, terrorists take out the research team, along with her father. Billions adopt the new technology in record time, lured by an eternity free from pain and filled with pleasure—even if it means losing a few pieces of their identity.

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US UK and CA

Webley and The World Machine
A strange coin. A mysterious elevator. Are these enigmatic items enough to prevent a war that could destroy the world? Adal and Arija gave little thought to what makes the world go round until they were guided into a dark cave by a cryptic coin. Deep within the Earth they found a land they never dreamed possible. One…that challenged all they believed. There they met a being named Webley who controls the center of the Earth. But not all his creations are happy.

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US UK and CA

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