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The Kremlyov Infection
American CIA operatives in the Soviet Union are dying. One by one, they fall ill and perish, all exhibiting the same frightening symptoms: weakness, vomiting, hair loss, hemorrhage, death. Eventually, the cause of death becomes clear: assassination by radiation poisoning. Somehow, the KGB has learned the identities of American operatives and are eliminating them. Without knowing the source of the leak and who has been compromised, CIA Director Aaron Stallings has little choice but to utilize his most secret black ops agent, Tracie Tanner. Her assignment: Travel to Moscow. Identify the men murdering Americans. Stop the killers by any means necessary. Her assignment is straightforward and nearly impossible.

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Sexual harassment. Murder. And a multi-institutional cover-up. When a leading professor at a top-ranked medical research institute accuses a colleague of drugging and sexually assaulting a student, department chair Brad Parker and university detective Karen Richmond join forces to investigate, only to be stymied by a victim who can’t remember what happened. But as fragments of memory resurface, she’s brutally attacked and murdered. The conclusion is obvious, but in the absence of forensic evidence, police hit a wall–until Brad and Karen’s inquiries take an unexpected turn that not only threatens their own lives, but exposes a cover-up at the highest levels of the university.

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