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Thin Minded
At any given time, millions of people around the world are on a diet, with their eyes on one goal only—to lose weight. In today’s world, anyone who wishes to shed unwanted weight and also remain slim must first of all work on their thought patterns. Without this, the process is doomed to fail. In this book you’ll find a simple but powerful tool that can help you change your life—first mentally and then also physically. The book will show you how you can leave the infinite circle of dieting, learn to control your appetite and identify where it’s coming from—your body or your emotions. With time, you will go back to eating according to your actual hunger, and not for reasons such as emotional needs, peer pressure, or boredom, to name a few.

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Fearless Author Mindset
Writing a book is one of the hardest challenges you will ever face but following my process it won’t be. It will be a joy! I will guide you throughout the journey. Fearless Author Mindset is four simple steps to publish your book. From having an idea to hitting published in 12 weeks only using an hour a day! You can make a powerful impact on others with your words. You will feel the words pouring out of your heart. To feel joy knowing you are helping others.

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