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What Hurts the Most
A married couple with a young daughter is forced to confront an uncomfortable reality: each year around their child’s birthday, a different tragedy occurs that nearly takes the girl’s life. Does young Sophie somehow create the disasters, or is a dark force stalking her? As the parents wrestle to determine whether they are possessed, paranoid, or collectively going insane, “accidents” are happening more often and with greater intensity, endangering all of them—and possibly others.

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Louisiana Hotshot
WANTED: HOTSHOT P.I. WITH NEAR SUPER-HUMAN SKILLS. Confirmed grump Eddie Valentino placed the ad. Hotshot twenty-something Talba Wallis knew exactly how to answer it. And thus was born the dynamic duo of New Orleans private detectives—one cynical, sixty-five-year-old Luddite white dude with street smarts, and one young, bright-eyed, Twenty-First century African-American female poet, performance artist, mistress of disguise, and computer jock extraordinaire. Think Queen Latifah and Danny DeVito. In Louisiana Hotshot, their job is to hunt down a sociopath and pedophile who’s molested the fourteen-year-old daughter of their client, hangs out on the ragged edges of the rap and recording industries, and has more powerful allies than a Cabinet member.

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