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Hidden in Plain Sight
Do you have a management role in a school and feel limited by what you can achieve? Do you yearn to collaborate with others to improve teaching and learning in your grade level, department, or school?
Middle leaders, either through curiosity, career-mindedness, or even coercion, accepted a role that is poorly defined, has limited or no authority, and comes with a huge target for colleagues and senior leaders to set their sights on. Fortunately, there are proven strategies and tools to help middle leaders overcome the greatest of challenges to improving teaching and learning.

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How Not To Be My Patient
Dr. Edward Creagan has been treating very sick patients for more than 40 years. This book is not just about lifestyle choices, although these are important aspects of Dr. Creagan’s healthy living plan. It is about using your precious minutes in the exam room (the average doctor visit is about 16 minutes), forging the right kind of relationship with your care providers (because that world is changing quickly), and understanding and using the healthcare system—instead of having the system use (and often abuse) you.

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