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Jesus the Father
A meaty frog launches itself into the air, it does a front flip before karate kicking the grasshopper. The grasshopper grins and flies right back at the frog at full force, aiming for its gut. It was a trap, he opened his mouth and the grasshopper flew right in. I could almost hear the cheers of the surrounding insects watching the battle, the frog roared with victory, but to me it just sounded like a ribbit. I looked to the heavens and said, “Lord, I wanted evidence of your life to share with people, what is this?” Straight away a melon nearby exploded with violent fury. Its meat rained from the sky with a piece landing near me, I picked it up and took a bite; my eyes went wide with realization, “It’s candy for our taste buds.”

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Your Default Settings
At any given moment you’re following pre-existing settings that direct your life along a certain path. They are your patterns of actions, words, and thoughts that have become ingrained over the years. The problem is that they may be taking your life in an unintended direction, limiting your growth both personally and professionally. In this short, visual, and action-oriented book, user experience expert Rad Wendzich offers a three-step guide to changing your recurring behaviors that too often go unexamined.

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