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Daughter of Babylon
Katie and Zach Nelson are looking forward to celebrating their anniversary with a relaxing camping trip on the California coast. But terrorists have other plans for the weekend. Like torching the place. When Katie and Zach scramble to evacuate, they’re snared in all kinds of trouble. Soon, they’re running for their lives. Meanwhile, Basilia Hernandez and Alana Mills, the new president and vice president of the United States, face one shocking turn of events after another. Do they have what it takes to protect and defend the country during the apocalypse? Or will they actually make it worse?

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They wanted a hero. Everyone watched the press conference. A nineteen-year-old kid saved mankind with his pencil drawing. Around the clock, raucous parties erupted on Jason Harper Victory Day. Revelers filled the streets. Pent-up anxiety over the anticipation of the world’s demise had been intensifying for years. In an instant, it was released. He set them free. He gave them a second chance. They believed. But a hero’s work is never done.

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US UK and CA

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