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The Case of the Wayward Witch
In the Kramer family, everyone is a witch hunter – well, everyone except the women. But with Uncle Faster out of action, and a boyfriend-killing witch on the loose, it might finally be Katy’s time to shine. Going deep undercover at a necromancy supply store seems like a terrifying plan, but Katy soon discovers that her new friends and neighbours aren’t quite as evil as she was led to believe. She begins to suspect that she might be tracking the wrong witch, after all. Will Katy discover the real killer in time? And will she prove, once and for all, that women are up to the job?

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A Deceptive Potion
After all the stress Sam has endured, she’s excited to go and relax on the beach. However, her vacation doesn’t last long before there’s a murder at the resort she’s staying in. When one of Sam’s items is discovered in a suspicious area, it links her to the crime. Now Tessa, Mara and the rest of the gang must travel to help Sam out of her predicament. But will the killer strike again before they can solve the crime? Is magic involved or will Sam and her friends expose themselves trying to locate the killer?

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US UK and CA

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