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SciFi and Fantasy

Kilty Mind
Time-tossed Highlander Brochan doesn’t get a moment to recover from his latest wounds before he and Catriona discover one of Parasol Picture’s biggest stars has been accused of murder. It will be hard for the actor to beat the charge…the body was found under his house. When another studio asset is dosed with drugs that send him into a near-fatal frenzy, the fixers have to wonder if someone is out to destroy Parasol. It doesn’t help that Catriona’s nefarious sister, Fiona, has moved even closer to the studio and seems inextricably tied to Parasol’s problems.

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The Dark Levy
Once in the distant past, Goddess Hel sent her hordes to conquer the Nine Worlds of Odin to regain her lost, magical eye. She failed, but the worlds were shut off from each other, and from the gods. Now, thousands of years after the war, an evil creature has found a way to regain the still lost Eye, and possibly, a way to conquer the Nine Worlds, one by one. The fates of the Nine Worlds and the gods themselves hang in balance, and on the shoulders of a very special party. Harnessing these humans and their unusual powers, coaching them to be weapons, and more, the monster has finally found the unique, special human amongst the party, the one she has sought for an eternity.

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